Onaway, Michigan

Onaway is the Sturgeon Capital of Michigan. The sturgeon is a prehistoric fish that haunts the deep recesses of Black Lake. Onaway is surrounded by lakes, rivers, and forests. There are many state parks, campgrounds and sites of natural beauty within a short drive in any direction. Ocqueoc Falls, the largest in lower Michigan, is located to the east of town. We have a quality of life from four seasons of outdoor activities.

Onaway, Michigan Map
Onaway,MI Map

Onaway, Michigan Weather Forecast
Rain changing to snow. Cloudy. Chilly.Sprinkles early. More clouds than sun. Chilly.Sprinkles late. a mixture of sun and clouds. Cool.Sprinkles late. Cloudy. Chilly.Scattered clouds. Chilly.
Precip 66%Precip 30%Precip 57%Precip 38%Precip 3%