Albion, Michigan

A city of charm and diversity, the "hometown" that everybody loves to visit and explore!Home of Festival of the Forks, Kids N' Stuff and the Methodist Episcopal Church where an event took place in 1877 that led to the establishment of one of our country's most revered holidays -- Mother's Day! Your tour of Albion might begin (where else?) downtown where you'll discover the charming and beautiful Albion Historic Walkway, your guide to many of the city's interesting and well-known landmarks. These include Gar

Albion, Michigan Map
Albion,MI Map

Albion, Michigan Weather Forecast
Morning clouds. Chilly.Increasing cloudiness. Chilly.Sprinkles late. Afternoon clouds. Chilly.Snow changing to rain. Overcast. Chilly.Sprinkles. Overcast. Chilly.
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